New Ulros born in Maniago as a commercial expression of an existing dental chirurgical intruments' production, developing both the whole program till the one we can see nowadays and the sales distribution through dealers and agents qualifyed.
The instruments production, thanks to the experience through many years in dental field and the right choose of row materials and techniques, has permitted us to reach a qualitative standard almost high and compettive for different markets and requests. After these first years, the distribution and the stoks had been moved in Padua and New Ulros began the distribution through the italian market of a new line of products from a germany important company: Voco GmbH (company leader in dental research concentrates above all in new tecniques for the conservative) with a good success until all 2002.

In 1997 after a large investigation as to see the real exigences of the market New Ulros began the production and distribution of Disposable materials (clinical drapes, unit cover, blue coat and so on), called "Defendo" line, whose thanks to the good quality of the tissues and the competitive prices, easyly has entered in the market increasing the sales in the right way. In june 1998 New Ulros obtained the certification of quality system under UNI-EN-ISO-9002 through DNV-italy and proceed excellently to equalize all production under the Medical Device Standard 93/42 with CE-mark, to guarantee the customer the continuos quality both for the products and for the service given.

In the early beginning of 1999 New Uros made an important agreement with F.I.A.C, the well-known company who produce air compressors with a vast product range (Bologne), for the distribution of oilless air compressors ideal for dental market, with a particular eye to the post-sale rule through some interesting initiatives with installation thecnicians for an easy, ready and immediat response to the customer. From June of the same year another important agreement with Diatech Dental Ag (now assorbed by Coltène Whaledent AG) permitted to New Ulros to make another important step on the italian market through their well-known name of rotary instruments manufacturer (-diamond, -tungsten/carbide, -silicone polisher instruments) with the guarantee of the Swiss Quality.